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Patients shouldn't need to be billing experts

We've solved that.

We've built a patient friendly search experience, designed to educate users and empower them in their healthcare decisions. Patient Price simplifies the most common billing and insurance questions as patients seek care from your organization.

Healthcare Price Transparency

Up-front costs for doctor's visits, procedures, medications, and more


Shoppable Services

Help patients understand their costs with a simple, consumer-friendly interface. Users can view cost estimates for all 70 CMS-required services and the 230+ services selected by your organization.


Comprehensive Standard Charge List

Hospital are required to publish a machine-readable file containing all standard charges, including payer negotiated rates, cash prices, minimum negotiated charges, and more. Ensure your comprehensive charge list is accurate and compliant through our publishing process.


Data Management

Automate your data pipelines, keeping contracted rates up-to-date and accurate. Determine the required 230+ shoppable services that best fit your hospital. Detect the most common patient journeys for major episodes of care.


Advanced Insights

We don’t just empower consumers through personalized pricing transparency, we also help provider organizations transform their claims data into a meaningful sources of business intelligence.

Patient Price offers clarity into cost of healthcare services by pinpointing major drivers of cost by drilling into episodes groupers, identifying over-utilization and over-pricing. Adjust for risk and compare similar physicians and practices within your network. 


Meet Regulatory Deadlines

By January 1, 2021 all of US Hospitals will be required to publish their standard charges on their website. This includes a comprehensive list of all services and procedures for all contracted payers, as well as a patient-facing cost estimate search tool for at least 300 search shoppable services. Stay ahead of the curve with our toolset.

Compliance in Weeks

With Patient Price, any hospital can be compliant in weeks, not months, with our data services. Our process is built on on standard healthcare transactions and documents so we can quickly setup and deploy your data pipeline without a burdensome system integration.

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Hospital Transparency

Done Right

Become a leader in transparency today.


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